Dinner For a Hungry God


SESSION 2: “We had a Quest…JACKASS!”

Mbutu wanders off…

Mbutu’s rash behavior and hysterical laughter subsides shortly after the battle. At least, the rash behavior does. Consumed with belly aching guffaws, Mbutu rolls around on the floor of the cave, as the party looks on with varying degrees of curiosity and annoyance. This continues for a solid 10 minutes, when finally Thoradin tells the rest of party to leave him to his devices, muttering something about marking the wrong person. Mbutu recovers about 30 minutes later, sniffling with glee. His mood has radiantly brightened, and he decides to nibble on one of the mushrooms in the cave, forgetting all about his group and mission. Colors scream, noises blur, and the ground ripples as he wanders through the forest in a haze of complacent nirvana, oblivious to the potential danger surrounding him. Mbutu starts wandering in the general direction of southeast he thinks, constantly babbling in a combo bastardization of common and deep speech. Tripping over a root, he falls onto his driftwood, err, implement, and begins having an in depth conversation with it about agnostics, creationism, and swamp ball. Mbutu promptly names his implement Plank, and magically paints a smiley face on it. Plank and Mbutu doze off beneath the semi-protective cover of a large tree.

Day 3 continued…

After defeating the Myconids, the group enters the cave they were guarding, minus Mbutu. As we enter the cave, more Myconids appear. Jarem is slow to notice, as he is busy turning out adventure into a song. The Myconids emerge from the darkness, but are easily dispatched by the group. The group then continues deeper into the cave, maneuvering around stalactites. Eventually, the group reaches a fork. One passageway heads left and the other heads right. They appear to be the same. Unsure of what to do, the group puzzles over the choice. Elara decides that left “feels right”. The group agrees, after some discussion. Once again, out of the shadows, emerge four Myconids. Adeya steps in front of the group and anticipates an attack. Elara, ever impulsive, speeds to the front of the group, forgetting that she is a squishy healer caste. In her haste, she runs into a bramble bush. Thoradin follows soon behind, also forgetting to notice the bramble in his way. At this point, the cave is only 10 feet wide and Elara and Thoradin block the rest of the group from the mushroom people. Adeya, who has no ranged weapons, picks up a rock in the vain hope that she can do some damage. She throws the rock into the air and roundhouse kicks it at the group of Myconids. The rock splits into 4 pieces, each of which hits a mushroom, scoring a critical hit….of 8. As Elara thrashes in the brambles, she panics and teleports out of the thorns and deeper into the cave. More Myconids emerge from the dark and Elara finds that she is cut off from her fellow travelers. She lashes out at the new mushrooms, but misses. As the rest of the group attempts to fight their way to Elara, she is surrounded by the Myconids. They clutch at her and she tries to escape, but they grab her and drag her away. As she struggles against them, a soothing voice begins to speak in her mind, convincing her to stop struggling and allow the Myconids to lead her into the cave. The rest of the party is left to deal with the remaining Myconids as Elara disappears into the darkness.

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When the battle is over, the group continues down the way Elara was led. As the group continues down the darkened passageway, a voice begins to speak in the mind of each party member. For Endis, the voice claims to be his God, Sehanine. It tells him that he was chosen to lead this party, but this is not the path he was to lead them down. It tells him to turn back for he has other things to accomplish. For Jarem, the voice says to go back and take the passage to the right, which will lead him to great wealth and riches. For Thoradin, the voice reminds him of how much he wants a drink, how he should leave the cave and head to the 12th Bell at once, in order to get a drink. Thoradin, used to the voices in his head telling him to drink, pulls out his waterskin full of ale, and drinks deeply. For Adeya, the voice says that Elara is lost and threatens that if she continues down this path, she will return to the life of servitude her ancestors escaped from. Because of their strength of will, the group continues on with no delay.

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As they walk through the darkness, the cave suddenly opens up into a large room. As the group comes to a stop to decide what to do, Elara’s voice is heard. Thoradin sneaks a peak around the corner and there she is! She sits atop a pile of shiny objects, carefully inspecting them. Behind her, towers a huge tree-like creature with the face of a woman. Off to the side of the room, several humans are on the floor, bound with vines. Throughout the room, Myconids loiter about, as do smaller mushroom people. Thoradin reports to the group, and as they try to decide what to do, Elara continues speaking. It is clear she is speaking to someone, but hers is the only voice that sounds out loud. The group, upon realizing that they each heard a voice in their minds, decides that the tree like creature is speaking with them, in their minds. Elara, it seems, is chatting with the tree creature, whose name is Elazarel. She is trying to summon Belarius, the onyx dragon the group had met earlier in the swamp. Elara is unsure of how she fits into the whole summoning process and isn’t sure she wants to be a part of it. Elazarel is clearly interested in Elara’s necklace, which could possibly the reason behind why Elara is no longer in the feywilds. Elazarel continues to tell Elara that no harm will come to her, but Elara jumps off the pile and runs. To her surprise, the party is waiting just outside the room, still trying to figure out what to do. As she rounds the corner, Thoradin steps out in to the room and puts up his shield, blocking the exit. He stands his ground against the onslaught of Myconids who are chasing Elara. Adeya and Endis step out into the room as well, and the battle begins. Elazarel is rooted to the floor, but is able to shake the very walls of the cave, calling down debris and mushroom minions. Realizing that the bound humans are most likely those they were on a quest to save, Endis steps over to them and slays their guard. In the process, he crits and his weapon becomes a vorpal weapon for a few rounds of battle. Staring at his newly awesome weapon, he glances between the bound humans and Elazarel. On one hand, he has the humans his fellow group members swore to save, and on the other is the creature that pretended to be his God. In a blind rage, he rushes to the tree-like creature and swings his mighty sword. The tree is hardly fazed, and hits him in return with a hefty blow. Endis is knocked unconscious, wondering “Was this a bad idea, maybe?” The remainder of the group is left fighting off the Myconids, with more mushroom minions popping up every second. Adeya finds her spinning kicks come in mighty handy, killing several minions each round. As the group struggles to kill the mushrooms faster than they can spawn, Elara sees a break in the tide and rushes to the bound humans. She defeats a small mushroom standing in her way and cuts the humans free. As she watches Adeya slay a dozen more mushrooms, she realizes they have no choice but to run. Endis manages to regain consciousness, and as he tries to decide if he wants to continue to attack Elazarel or come to the aid of his fellow travelers, Adeya yells “WE HAD A QUEST, JACKASS!”. With that little reminder, Endis jumps off the platform Elazarel is on, killing a mushroom minion in the process, and joins the rest of the group. Elara yells to the humans to follow her and runs out of the room. The rest of the group follows closely behind. As they run down the corridor, the walls begin to shake and roof collapses, knocking both Thoradin and Adeya unconscious. Having had their butts saved by their ass-kicking tanks, the rest of the group digs them out.



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