Dinner For a Hungry God

This week our recap was written by Kristen, who plays Adeya. She volunteered to write the recap, so I am forcing her to do so for coming games as it allows me more prep time! Thanks to Chris for the tasty pulled pork and chutney. Omnomnomnom. ~Mike

Session 1 Blood and Gumbo Recap
By Kristen Lycett
Day 1 From the upper story of the 12th Bell, comes a Dwarf. His name is Thoradin and he is clad in mail, with a shield upon his back. Glumly, he walks up to the bar, orders a drink and finishes it before he sits down. Another is ordered. Behind him comes a lithe, blonde creature, one that appears to be an Eladrin, dumped from the fey wilds. Her name is Elara and her appearance is fastidiously clean. Upon entering the bar, she smiles at everyone in room. None of the regulars notice, or care, save the bartender, who asks if she’d like a drink. She refuses. Following closely at her heels is an extremely tall, lithe and green female. A Githzerai, by the look of it, clad in a light robe. Her name is Adeya. She settles in beside the glowing Eladrin and says nothing. Behind her follows a human with dark skin. His clothing is fancy, though he appears to be filthy. And drunk. Filthy drunk. His name is Mbuuto and as he settles in at the bar, he orders a drink in a tone that borders on yelling, yet there is no malice in his voice. The barkeep cringes and asks him to quiet down.

Also in the bar, is a brightly dressed bard, named Jarem, who greets everyone in the place by name. As he makes his way to the bar, an elf clad in grey, enters the bar from outside and finds himself a seat in the darkest corner there. The barkeep takes his order, pours the drink and promptly forgets about it. Thoradin, understanding the need for an ale dampened psyche, takes the elf his drink, which also takes him away from the bubbly Elara, who sits at the bar and demands a story from Jarem. He gladly obliges, as he orders a drink. When the story is done, the few fishermen who were listening in, raise their glass to a tale well told, and return to the somber group of locals. Elara, ever in search of sunshine and rainbows, asks the barkeep about himself and the mood of the locals. The barkeep is named Perry and his family, the Proudlights, runs the place. It seems that the dour fisherman are a bit more dour as of late due to the disappearances of townspeople in the swamp nearby. It seems that several people have disappeared in the last few weeks, including the girlfriend of Perry’s cousin. The 12th Bell has put up a reward of 100 gold to whoever finds her, and the other missing people.

In the corner, Thoradin and the grey elf sit in silence, sipping their ale. Upon hearing mention of a reward, Thoradin, who’s bar tab continues to grow exponentially, speaks up for the group and accepts the quest. He then orders another drink, while Elara cautions Perry to cut him off. Thoradin sulks off to his room, where he keeps a hidden stash of booze in his waterskin, and drinks himself into a dreamless stupor. The other adventurers head to bed, in preparation of the next day’s journey into the swamp. The grey elf looks around and then heads to the bar. He asks Perry to notify him when the group leaves the next day, promising gold as payment for the task. Perry agrees to the task and asks the elf his name. “Endis Tir”, is the response, and the elf heads to his room.

Day 2 From the window of his room in the 12th Bell, Endis watches several of the party members head to the store to purchase supplies. From below, he can hear the sounds of Jarem earning his pay and Mbuuto regretting the amount of ale he drank the day before. Eventually, a knock sounds on his door, as Perry announces that the group has left. Endis pays his tab and follows the party down the trail to the swamp.

As the party wanders down the trail, they notice someone is following them. They stop and turn and their follower stops too. Thoradin, who is too morose to be frightened, motions to the figure to join them. When that doesn’t work, he yells at the man “Come here!”. Endis obliges. When questioned, he simply says he was on the way to the next town, and that there is only one path. The group urges him on ahead of them and both groups continue on their way.

Eventually, the path swings wide, around the swamp. Endis continues down the road, while the adventurers blaze right on in, with Thoradin leading the way. After hacking and wading their way through the swamp for several hours, they come into a clearing. Thoradin attempts to check for stable ground in the clearing and falls neck deep into the thick, noxious mud. The others use a rope to pull him out, as he puts up no struggle to free himself. Once free of the muck, they notice that the trees themselves seem to avoid the muck, as even the branches of the trees that ring the clearing do not grow over the mud. The group attempts to walk around the clearing, following the tree line, but before they get too far, they hear an unnatural croaking. Elara turns around and glares through the fog, at what appears to be a humanoid frog-like creature. She can only see the one creature, but the entire party can hear more croaking in the fog beyond. As Elara glares at the creature she sees, his genitals implode upon themselves with a pop! The creature attempts to hold its intestines in place as it falls over, shudders and dies. Upon closer inspection, the creatures are bullywugs, a hateful race more primitive than civilized. The party follows the trees back and come upon Endis, who is surrounded by these frog creatures. A battle ensues, with Adeya kicking the head off one creature in a burst of strength she didn’t know she had. When all are dead, save for one, it attempts to run away into the muck. Elara ports after it and tackles it into the mud. The two are then hauled from the mud and the bullywug is tied up and interrogated. Endis is also interrogated, as it is quite clear that he had followed the group into the swamp. He explains that he has followed the group because he dreamt about them. The entire group is creeped out, save for Elara, who is on the verge of a mental breakdown as she is no longer clean, but covered in foul smelling muck.

It is determined that the bullywugs are responsible for the disappearances of the humans, and the captive is forced to lead the group to his village. After following for several hours, the group is lead to an area where there is a large reptilian footprint. Knowing that the bullywug has led the astray, they kill him and continue anyway. From above the tree line, a large, black head appears. The bullywug led them to the lair of an onyx dragon. After an initial offering of the dead bullywug, the dragon agrees to spare their lives if they bring him more dead bullywugs to eat, as they taste like salty chicken, which the dragon quite likes. The group returns to the scene of their earlier battle and Thoradin, being the pack mule he is, drags the bodies to the dragon’s lair. The night is spent there, with Elara attempting to ‘spruce up’ the bone piles with flowers and feng shui.

Day 3 The dragon draws a map of the swamp for the group, so that they can find the home of the bullywugs and bring him more snackies. The map also shows a large area in the center of the swamp that the dragon warns against. He says the often, people from the village go there to pick mushrooms, but it’s not a place he recommends. Elara is reminded of the mushroom people from the feywilds, and the group realizes it may not be the bullywugs who are responsible for the disappearances of the townspeople. Mbuuto has already left the party and is heading straight for the center of the swamp. The rest of the party decides to follow. Not surprisingly, they come upon three mushroom people and prepare for battle. One poor mushroom is kicked to the ground by Adeya, where she pushes it around a bit. Thoradin, finally seeing something shorter than he his, kicks the mushroom while it’s down. In a blind rage, the mushroom man lashes out at Elara. Too bad it was marked to Thoradin. With a triumphant roar, Thoradin screams “That’s fantastic! I get to hit you for being so stupid!”. Mbuuto, who manages to hit an enemy once, maybe twice the entire night, continues to be useless, with tears of laugher streaming down his face. Eventually the mushrooms are defeated and the players retire for the evening.

This week: Dragon snacks? Frog legs? Mushroom kingdom? Chicken Enchiladas Couple Cook-off!!



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