Dinner For a Hungry God

Session 5: Haeters.

The group stands in front of the castle of Harthelm. Before them, Farquad speaks to the night guard and the Earth Titan the party rode in on, stands idly by. When Farquad is through speaking to the night guard, the party steps in As they have just arrived with a royal entourage, they are treated as royalty and are given residences in the castle until the morning. The party is taken to their separate rooms, where a guard is posted outside each door. Elara elects to take “puppy” with her and he curls up in the corner of the room, after scratching at the door furiously for several hours.

Day 17 In the morning, Adeya is the first to wake. As she is preparing to meet the day, a knock sounds at her door. The guard posted outside announces that she has a visitor. To her surprise and dismay, it is Sir Decker. He looks like crap. Week old crap. She tries to stall and keep him at bay, while he calls her his “love” and pretends like nothing is wrong. She is still terrified of him, but is more concerned with the success of the group in their mission to warn the Prince, than of her own safety. As it turns out, Castle Harthelm is where Sir Decker and the rest of the YellowJackets made their home. As Adeya attempts to stay Decker, in the hopes that one of her fellow party members will come rescue her from this awkward situation, she hears a scream from down the hall. Grateful for this distraction, she attempts to leave the room, but Decker bars her way. A few moments pass, while Adeya thinks about whether or not attacking Decker is worth the trouble it could cause. Suddenly, the door is thrown open by a wild-eyed Elara. Adeya uses the distraction to do a flying leap over Decker and through the door, into the hallway.

It seems that Elara, still unconvinced that “puppy” and Endis were the same person, panicked, when she found Endis asleep in the corner of her room that morning. She jumped to the conclusion that Endis had attacked, and possibly eaten “puppy”, while she slept. As he tried to flee the room, and Elara’s accusations, the guard had stood in his way. Rather than listen to the shrill voice of an upset and slightly disturbed Elara, he ran into the hallway, past the guard. This caused the guard to call out, setting the whole wing into chaos. As Endis ran away, he turned back into “puppy”, of his own volition, and disappeared into the depths of the castle. Elara, shocked into silence, but still very upset, had run down the hallway to get Adeya. As she threw open the door, she was shocked, yet again, to see Decker. This is when Adeya makes her dramatic entrance into the hallway. Following her entry are the other members of the party. Thoradin stumbles out of his room, dressed in naught by a shield, a pick and a grungy pair of PJ’s. Mbutu is not seen, but Plank is, peeking out of his room. Jarem joins the rest of the party as Decker vouches for the group, deterring the guards from locking them up until the Prince is ready to see them.

Decker leads the party to the dining hall, as he is now the party tour guide. He gets the group settled, and goes to see about getting some food made. When he is gone, the party tells Farquad the reason they have come to see the Prince. He is far more interested in the drama of the story, than the impending doom it may spell of the Kingdom of Haete. After hearing the story, he heads off to meet with the Prince. Decker returns with a plate of food, which no one trusts enough to actually eat. At this point, Endis strides into the room, and Decker greets him as Lokis. No one is quite sure that he said Lokis, or who Lokis is, but it seems to have thrown Endis for a loop. He seems quite unsettled, and believes that Decker is up to no good. He demands to see the Prince right away, and the rest of the party, eager to get away from Decker’s hospitality, agree. He points out where the throne room is, and the party heads that way, with Endis and Thoradin convincing Decker it’s best if he return to his quarters.

First the enter the throne room are Adeya and Elara. It seems that the Prince is a bit of a ladies man, and happily allows the two women to enter and approach the throne. He seems not to care about what Farquad is saying and dismisses the man. Adeya and Elara begin to tell the Prince their story of the swamp and Elazrael. Farquad leaves in a huff and the group comes up with a plan. It is pointed out that Jarem is a Changeling. As much as this disgusts the Prince, he agrees that the best course of action is to have Jarem stand in for the Prince and have relations with the Duchess of Loveland. As it turns out, there are very few knights in the care of the Prince of Haete and he does not have the manpower to protect his kingdom from something like Elazrael. In order for him to receive the necessary support, he would need to strike an alliance with Loveland and the Duchess has made it clear that the only way to do that is to give his seed. Yeah, his seed. She doesn’t even want his hand in marriage, she wants his babies. Their kids would be in the prime position to take the leadership position for all the kingdoms, which is currently occupied by some crazy old dude. Everyone agrees that this plan is for the best, except maybe for Jarem. No one is sure whether the Duchess is as ugly as everyone in Haete claims she is.

After the party finishes their audience with the Prince, they find Farquad. He is still angry about his earlier dismissal. The party managed to convince him that they changed the Prince’s mind and he has agreed to “marry” the Duchess. In celebration, the party goes out for drinks. Endis though, would rather check out the forbidden tower in the castle, and elects to stay behind. Not being familiar with Haete, they let Jakob choose the place. It turns out to be a working class bar, a little crude for Farquad’s elegant tastes. Thoradin pulls out his stock of dwarven ale and quickly gets Farquad drunk. It seems that there is much hatred between the kingdoms of Haete and Loveland, and that is made quite clear in this bar. Bawdy tunes likening the Duchess’ loins to the gates of hell are sung hourly, and cartoons of her defaced image are everywhere. Adeya attempts to stand in front of the poster in Farquad’s direct line of sight, but angers several bar flies in the process. Farquad’s entourage enters and a fight ensues. Farquad punches Jakob, in an attempt to escape the bar. Jakob responds with attacking Farquad and his entourage. Thoradin is so drunk that he punches whomever is closest, which happens, on occasion, to be Mbutu. Jarem, realizing he is in a crowded bar, feel the compulsive need to tell a story about Dexŧrösïtüs. He dips and dives his way to the center of the bar, through the flurry of wild punches, and makes his announcement. This attracts the attention of a large bug bear who was sitting at the bar. He punches several patrons on his way to Jarem, whom he attacks with great force. Adeya is also drunk, but manages to know who is friend and who is foe. She manages to crit, and accidentally kills a patron. Mbutu follows up with two more kills. Jakob crits and summons a swarm of bees (hahah, YellowJackets, hahaha). He is so upset about being punched by Farquad, that he sicks the bees on him. When the bug bear is defeated, the fight ends and the city guard arrives. Adeya is standing over the falling bug bear, about to flee, when the guards realize the bug bear is a wanted criminal. All the deaths are blamed on him, and the party is thanked for doing their civil duty and rewarded with 500 gold.

The party returns to the Castle that night and they meet up with the Prince to solidify their deal. He offers them each 2000 gold, and an estate in Haete, on completion of the deal. Jarem is still unconvinced, but Thoradin and Adeya agree to give Jarem their estates. The plan is that the Prince will leave the next day, for a hunting lodge in the woods. In three weeks time, Jarem, in the guise of the Prince, will depart for Loveland, where he will join the Duchess.

The party returns to their rooms, to realize that Endis is missing. Adeya and Elara attempt to search for him, but Adeya passes out before much searching can be done. Everyone else then heads up to the forbidden tower to see if they can find Endis. The top of the tower is dark, with a single candle lighting the door. As the party approaches, they can hear a deranged voice. They then duck into the shadows as Decker arrives and enters the room. There is total blackness beyond, a black darker than normal, a complete nothingness. As they stand there, they hear Decker and the deranged voice talking, they suddenly, a dog barking. Elara cries out “Puppy!”, and the party rushes to break down the door. As Thoradin shield bashes the door, vines burst out, blocking the way and beating anyone within range. As Elara, Thoradin, Jarem and Mbutu try to force their way into the room, Adeya is already inside.

After the sober party member left her to sleep it off, Adeya was awoken by a sudden, urgent need to urinate. Unsure of there the castle privy was located, and accustomed to a rustic setting, she wandered out to the garden. As she was watering, she noticed she was under the forbidden tower. Growing up the tower was a single, thick, ominous looking vine. It may not have been ominous to the other castle inhabitants, but having come from a swamp where plants came to life and attacked, Adeya felt the vine was very threatening. She began to attack the plant, with flying kicks, each which found her higher up the wall of the tower. Eventually, she found herself hanging off the windowsill of the top room in the tower. From there, she bursts through the window and lands almost on top of Decker. He seems quite pleased to see her in his chambers, but soon realizes this is not a pleasure visit. Adeya ignores him and heads straight for the tree-like creature that all the vines are emanating from. She sees that, in one corner, “puppy” is being restrained by vines. She does not notice Lokis standing in the shadows. As she attacks the tree-creature, her fellow party member break down the door and join her in the fray. Jarem was heard to use vicious mockery on the vines as he cried out “You resemble crab grass!!” and the plant died a little inside at the cruelty. Even Lokis joined in the battle, attacking Decker, at the request of “puppy”. After taking a bit a beating, Decker jumps out the tower window, and plummets, to his death, or so the party assumes.

It seems that the tree-like creature is indeed an aspect of Elazrael. Once defeated though, the unconscious body is shown to be that of the Eladrin Decker traveled with. Once the fight is over, Elara realizes that the shadowy figure is indeed an undead creature. Being a cleric, she feels the need to cleanse this place of him. It doesn’t work, but she is adamant that he is evil and she must cleanse him.

Session 4: RABBITS! DOVES! this post sponsered by Dexŧrösïtüs

Dexŧrösïtüs presents:



::RABBITS!:: ::DOVES!!!!::

Day 4

As the group has decided to return to Laecemere, they begin heading in that direction. The fog has rolled in from the swamp and the mountains and so the going is slow. It is late at night and a long walk back to the town. Elara is quite displeased with the whole situation and earns herself the nic-name “Grumpy McDragsherfeet”. Endis once again, returns to dog form and is pretty much useless, except for his nose. He managed to smell danger, just in time for the party to be jumped by a group of bandits. As he can only talk in barks and woofs, the group is unaware of the bandits and is taken by surprise. A battle ensues. The bandits have with them a large direwolf. It takes a few chomps out of the group members, but with the aid of Fumblewsky the fumbletastic bandit, the group manages to kill most of the bandits and the direwolf. The only bandits still standing when the direwolf is killed, attempt to flee. One is killed, while the other escapes. At this point, the group is exhausted. It has been a long day. Elara, even though she doesn’t need to sleep, refuses to move. Thoradin throws her over his shoulder and the group continues to Laecemere, which turns out to be just over the next hill.

Once in town, the group heads to the 12th Bell to retrieve the wagon and horses of the Yellow Jackets. Thoradin, still carrying Elara, directs Jakob to show him the wagon and horses. They sneak into the barn with Endis the dog/wolf/thing, while Mbutu and Adeya wait outside. As Thoradin throws Elara into the back to the wagon Jakob has pointed out, Bonnet, the stable girl, is woken. All she sees is a large wolf in front of her, with runes all over its scruff. She is terrified and begins to shout. The party members in the barn are able to hide in the wagon, while Endis runs in circles around Bonnet. Adeya and Mbutu hear the little girl’s cries and are also attempting to hide, when a crowd of people pour out of the Inn. They ask us to come help and so Adeya and Mbutu follow the crowd into the barn. Bonnet is in the corner, crying and peeing all over herself, while Endis stands at the entrance to the barn, growling. Adeya steps forward and claims the wolf as her pet, saying she sent him to the barn to bed for the night. The crowd is swayed and returns to their drunken slumber in the Inn. Adeya, convinces Bonnet to return to the Inn to clean herself up. She hands the little girl a gold coin and promises to watch over the barn. With Bonnet out of the way, the group hook up the horses to the wagon and are soon on their way. Thoradin and Jakob drive, while the rest of the group slumbers.

Day 5

Adeya and Endis, now in dog form, are the first to wake. They take over the driving and allow Jakob and Thoradin their turn to sleep. On the road, the group meets a farmer and his children. They are heading to Laecemere to sell their crops, but offer the party enough oats and hay to feed their horses for 3 weeks. Endis and Adeya decide to take their offer and give them a lift back to their farm. On the way, Endis asks the farmer, whose name is Jim, the news of the land. Jim is all to eager to share. He mentions that the Duchess of Loveland has sent an envoy to see Prince Devlin about a marriage proposal. She seems to be hated by most of the peasants, and the prospect of her marrying the Prince of Haete is an unpleasant one. The envoy is heading to Prince Devlin’s castle in Hartgard, the capitol city, which is where the party is ultimately heading as well. Jim also mentions the farmers market in Masingale, which will be happening in about 2 weeks time.

Once the party reaches Jim’s farm, the deal is made. 5 gold will get the party hay and oats for the horses for 3 weeks, as well as a tune-up for the wagon. The party is glad to pay, but refuse the hospitality of a place to stay for the evening. They are in a hurry to share their news with Prince Devlin and bid farmer Jim farewell. In parting, Jim reminds the party to steer clear of the ominous corn. As the party continues on their way to Masingale, they eventually pass the ominous corn. It seems to be a rather large patch of corn that runs alongside the road. At this point, Elara is driving, which in retrospect, seems like a bad idea. She hears a woman’s scream in the corn and so veers off the road into the cornfield. Thoradin and Jarem, who are sitting up front with her, are strangely oblivious. Adeya and Mbutu are drinking in the back of the wagon, unaware of the stupidity of their comrade. Endis is, of course, a wolf again. As the wagon plows through the corn, the party hears footsteps all around them, as shadowy figures run through the corn alongside them. All of a sudden, a woman appears in the corn. She is huddled in front of the wagon, but Elara recognizes her for what she is: a witch. She managed to turn the wagon around and head full speed out of the corn. As the wagon plows through the corn, Adeya and Mbutu are plucking ears of corn from the back of the wagon. The ears are black and withered. Once on the road, the followers become visible. It is a party of undead and they are chasing the wagon! Adeya and Mbutu throw the nasty corn at them, as Elara urges the horses to a full gallop. The wagon managed to outpace the undead, which are seen returning to the corn after their unsuccessful chase.

The next few days pass uneventfully, as the group makes their way to Masingale. Elara names the horses Buttercup and Sunshine, which they are not happy about, as they clearly have peni (that’s the plural of penis for you noobs).

Day 9

The party reached Masingale. It turns out to be not so much a town, as a large marketplace. Thoradin’s first stop is to find a leatherworker who can turn the skin of the direwolf into gear for the party. He spends most of the day working with the tradesman, to learn a bit of the skinning trade. Adeya finds a vendor who will buy the armor and weapons the group picked up off the bandits, and she also buys a sling with some bullets. Elara goes to a fortune teller, to see if she can find anything out about her necklace, since Elazrael was so interested in it. She managed to find an old woman who smells of incense and other, less savory things. She pays the old woman, who tells her the amulet and Elara’s fates are intertwined. She then goes into a trance saying things like “The Hungered One will awaken” and “Death is in her future”. She also informs Elara that the amulet is Aléatoire’s Eye.

Jarem and Mbutu set out to find someone who can grant their armor and weapons magic abilities. They manage to find a wizard named Dexŧrösïtüs ::rabbits:: ::doves:: ::fireworks::, who claims to be able to work enchantments. Jarem makes a deal with Dex, where Dex can enchant him to tell stories of his awesome magery. Dex agrees to this and enchants Jarem’s new direwolf armor. Mbutu questions Dex’s abilities and managed to get himself enchanted with Morning Woodicüs, which makes his balls glow and his…well, you know. Endis spends the day hiding from everyone and setting up camp. That night, Endis has strange dreams of his dead brother, and Elara dreams of a Hungry God eating the Earth.

Day 10

The party leaves Masingale, with their purses laden and their backs warmed with direwolf skin gear. The 5-day journey to Hopper’s Crossing passes by quickly and quietly.

Day 15

The party arrives at Hopper’s Crossing and manages to make it through the town successfully. No Inns burned down or anything. They make camp on the other side of the river from the town. As darkness falls, Endis becomes a wolf again, though he is learning to talk. His “L”s are a bit rough, but he is learning to make himself understood. As the party sleeps, Endis dreams of a GIANT LOBSTER. He awakes with a start to a distant booming. He gets everyone up as silently as possible. Elara puts out the fire and the party attempts to move the wagon, but they have been spotted. It’s an Earth Titan. It speaks, asking if they know the way to Harthelm Castle. That just so happens to be where the party is going, so they offer directions. It turns out it was not the Earth Titan speaking to them, but the human riding upon it. He is the envoy from the Duchess of Loveland and he offers the party a lift. His name is Farquad and as he orders the Galeb Duhr to make room for their new companions, he tells the party about his mission and his mistress as they travel through the night.

Day 16

The party arrives in Hartgard with much fanfare, as they are riding on the back of an Earth Titan as part of a royal envoy. Farquad drops them off at the castle and goes about delivering his message.

Session 3: The Swamp is Annulled

Session 3: The Swamp is Annulled. Day 3 Adeya wakes up and realizes she’s on the floor of the cave, surrounded by rocks and dirt. She slowly stands up, knocking a few rocks aside, and dusts herself off. She can see the faint glow of Jarem’s sunrod and hears Elara’s voice in the distance. She can’t see anything, other than the faint spot of the sunrod, so she grabs one out of her pack and lights it. The firs thing she sees is a strange wolf-dog heading her way. It has runes all of it’s scruff. It seems pretty uninterested in her, once she lights the rod, so she decides to ignore it. Elara, who escaped the collapse of the cave unscathed, checks the freed humans. Jarem is also ok, and sees the wolf-dog attempting to pull something from the rubble. He goes to investigate and finds the wolf-dog trying to pull Thoradin out from under some rocks. He lends a hand and Thoradin is freed. Everyone seems to be accounted for, except Endis.

Meanwhile…Mbutu is awoken by small tremor. It’s not the earthquake that wakes him though, it’s an apple falling off a tree and hitting him on the head that wakes him. As he takes in his surroundings, he hears a voice. He looks around frantically, but there is no one in sight. Sitting on the ground next to him is Plank, his trusty wooden companion. Plank is Mbutu’s implement, though nothing more than a jagged piece of wood with a face scrawled on it. Oddly enough, a mushroom has sprouted on Plank’s face, in the perfect spot to form a nose. Plank begins to speak again. It’s quite possible Mbutu is still hallucinating from the mushrooms he ate earlier. Or it could be that the magic imbued in Plank has given him some form of sentience. Either way, Plank guides Mbutu back to the cave.

At the mouth of the cave, the party is reunited, save for Endis. Thoradin has built a small carne for Endis in the cave, assuming he was buried in the rocks. The party continues on their way to Lacesemere, taking the townspeople with them. When they reach the muck pit, they are attacked by another group of bullywogs. The group attempts to surround the townspeople and protect them from the bullywogs, but there are too many. One townsperson is jumped by a bullywog and injured. During the attack, Mbutu crits and calls down a meteor shower, which does damage to the entire group, including the townspeople. The previously injured townsperson is killed, as are all the bullywogs, except for one. The remaining bullywog runs away into the muck and the party lets him go, intent on getting everyone back to town.

When we enter the town, we are welcomed as heroes as many families are reunited. Upon returning to the 12th Bell, Thoradin announces to the barkeep that our tab is annulled. Mbutu follows with “So is the swamp.” Once Thoradibn and Mbutu take their place at the bar with drinks in hand, the rest of the group notices a large crowd of people standing around a table. Above the table is a banner. It is the banner of the Yellow Jackets of Haete. They are an adventuring group that is famous in this country, the country of Haete, and they’re here to solve the town’s problem. The seem undeterred by the fact that our party has already rescued the townspeople. The leader of the group introduces himself to the party as Sir Decker of Haete. He’s a ruggedly handsome man and the ladies of the group are instantly smitten. Adeya and Elara retire to their room to freshen up a bit, as Decker attempts to get information out of Thoradin. Decker promises Thoradin 600 gold for the location of the cave. Thoradin gives Decker misinformation and heads off to drink and bathe. When Adeya and Elara return to the main room, they join the Yellow Jackets at their table. They are introduced to a rather creepy looking Eladrin, and a Nightslayer, who sits in the corner with the wolf-dog. At the table, Decker plies them with wine and spicy gumbo. Elara grows more and more weary of Decker, especially since she refuses his drink and he judgement is unclouded. Adeya, who has never drank before and has never been the focus of male attention, is oblivious to all but Decker and his handsome smile. He spends the rest of the evening…’pumping’ her for information.
Day 4

In the morning, the group meets in the main room of the 12th Bell and discovers that the Yellow Jackets have already left. Endis also appears downstairs, much to the surprise of the group. He is unsure of how he got there, as he has no memory of the evening. The party decides to head back into the swamp, more to find out what’s down the right passage in the cave, and less to check up on the Yellow Jackets. The party reaches the cave without any trouble from the bullywogs. Once inside the cave, they light a few sunrods and head in deeper. They come around a corner and find Sir Decker’s ward suspended above a cauldron surrounded by hungry bullywogs. The party attacks in an effort to save the boy. During the battle, Endis throws the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch into the fray. Elara cuts the rope that the boy is suspended by and he falls into the cauldron. Adeya rushes over, pulls him out and drags him out of the blast zone. Thoradin, who is fighting the leader of the bullywog group, manages to throw his opponent into the blast zone and the bullywogs are defeated. Elara sees to the ward, checking that he is ok. His name is Jakob and he informs the group that the Yellow Jackets all went crazy, talking to themselves. Sir Decker killed one of his own party members, the Nightwalker. At this news, Adeya’s puppy dog devotion turns to dread as she knows that loyalty is everything to a group of adventurers. The group, unsure of Decker’s whereabouts, continues to head into the cave, taking the right passage. At the end of the passageway, they find a mausoleum. In elvish, the name Arch Druid Woodrove of the Forgotten Grove is written upon it. Endis attempts to pursuade the group not to desecrate the grave, but Thoradin knocks down the door. The mausoleum is filled with fresh flowers, a coffin, and little else. As the party enters, with Jakob in tow, the cave behind them begins to fill with vines and mushrooms and moss, similar to what grew in the part of the cave Elazarel had taken over. The vines and muchrooms continue to grow at a rapid rate, seeming almost of chase after the group. In a panic, Mbutu shuts the door of the mausoleum behind him. A cold wind begins to blow and the wind speaks in elvish. It asks what

we seek. Jarem, ever the curious bard, attempts to bluff that the group is looking for information on the Arch Druid. A breeze blows some of the flowers on the wall apart, and a passage way stands before the group. It leads to a large grove of trees, reminiscent of the fey wilds where Elara grew up. She frolics through the groves, as the rest of the group is visited by a specter of the Arch Druid. He tells them the story of Elazarel and how she became corrupted. He speaks of how the fey wilds and our world were somehow connected and Elazarel made her way here, her corruption creating the swamp that is the Grey Wallow Miasma. He explains why she was attempting to summon the dragon Belarius, who was once her thrall. He also tells the group about how Elazarel has been trying to get into the mausoleum for years, as it is a remnant of the Arch Druid’s grove from the fey wilds. She seeks to use his power to her own end. Elara returns to the group and the Arch Druid explains that her necklace was once worn by the Goddess Sehanine Moonbow. He gives her the Seed of the Forgotten Grove, telling her that she will know when to plant it.
A knock sounds on the door of the mausoleum. It is Decker and he requests and audience with Adeya. Assuming that he is now a thrall of Elazarel, the party refuses to let him in. They realiz
e then that they are back in the mausoleum, and never actually left. The grove was nothing but an illusion. Jarem pushes aside the now dead flowers where the passageway to the grove had appeared and finds a door. The party rushes through the door in an attempt to escape Decker, who is now attempting to knock down the door to the mausoleum. The hidden door leads the group through a long passageway, and as they run, they can hear Decker knock down the door behind them as him and his creepy Eladrin companion give chase. The party eventually comes to a door which leads to the surface. They find themselves on a hill overlooking the swamp. They are much farther North than they cave. They bar the door behind them and hide in the brush on the hill.
As they hide, they can see the swamp spread out before them. They watch in horror as the cave collapses, sending a plume of orange spores into the air. The spores are caught on the wind, which blows towards the mighty Belarius, who has taken wing. The party, unable to do anything, watch as Belarius is hit by the spores. He collapses into the swamp, only to rise again a few moments later, with an awkward, lilting gait. Once again, the party assumes he has been thralled by Elazarel. They had hoped that he could help them defeat her. Running out of ideas, they decide to head to the seat of power in Haete and warn them of what is going on in the swamp. It’s about a week to get there by horse. Knowing they have little time to spare, Jakob suggests that they return to Laecemere to get the Yellow Jacket’s horses so that they can ride as quickly as possible.

SESSION 2: “We had a Quest…JACKASS!”

Mbutu wanders off…

Mbutu’s rash behavior and hysterical laughter subsides shortly after the battle. At least, the rash behavior does. Consumed with belly aching guffaws, Mbutu rolls around on the floor of the cave, as the party looks on with varying degrees of curiosity and annoyance. This continues for a solid 10 minutes, when finally Thoradin tells the rest of party to leave him to his devices, muttering something about marking the wrong person. Mbutu recovers about 30 minutes later, sniffling with glee. His mood has radiantly brightened, and he decides to nibble on one of the mushrooms in the cave, forgetting all about his group and mission. Colors scream, noises blur, and the ground ripples as he wanders through the forest in a haze of complacent nirvana, oblivious to the potential danger surrounding him. Mbutu starts wandering in the general direction of southeast he thinks, constantly babbling in a combo bastardization of common and deep speech. Tripping over a root, he falls onto his driftwood, err, implement, and begins having an in depth conversation with it about agnostics, creationism, and swamp ball. Mbutu promptly names his implement Plank, and magically paints a smiley face on it. Plank and Mbutu doze off beneath the semi-protective cover of a large tree.

Day 3 continued…

After defeating the Myconids, the group enters the cave they were guarding, minus Mbutu. As we enter the cave, more Myconids appear. Jarem is slow to notice, as he is busy turning out adventure into a song. The Myconids emerge from the darkness, but are easily dispatched by the group. The group then continues deeper into the cave, maneuvering around stalactites. Eventually, the group reaches a fork. One passageway heads left and the other heads right. They appear to be the same. Unsure of what to do, the group puzzles over the choice. Elara decides that left “feels right”. The group agrees, after some discussion. Once again, out of the shadows, emerge four Myconids. Adeya steps in front of the group and anticipates an attack. Elara, ever impulsive, speeds to the front of the group, forgetting that she is a squishy healer caste. In her haste, she runs into a bramble bush. Thoradin follows soon behind, also forgetting to notice the bramble in his way. At this point, the cave is only 10 feet wide and Elara and Thoradin block the rest of the group from the mushroom people. Adeya, who has no ranged weapons, picks up a rock in the vain hope that she can do some damage. She throws the rock into the air and roundhouse kicks it at the group of Myconids. The rock splits into 4 pieces, each of which hits a mushroom, scoring a critical hit….of 8. As Elara thrashes in the brambles, she panics and teleports out of the thorns and deeper into the cave. More Myconids emerge from the dark and Elara finds that she is cut off from her fellow travelers. She lashes out at the new mushrooms, but misses. As the rest of the group attempts to fight their way to Elara, she is surrounded by the Myconids. They clutch at her and she tries to escape, but they grab her and drag her away. As she struggles against them, a soothing voice begins to speak in her mind, convincing her to stop struggling and allow the Myconids to lead her into the cave. The rest of the party is left to deal with the remaining Myconids as Elara disappears into the darkness.

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When the battle is over, the group continues down the way Elara was led. As the group continues down the darkened passageway, a voice begins to speak in the mind of each party member. For Endis, the voice claims to be his God, Sehanine. It tells him that he was chosen to lead this party, but this is not the path he was to lead them down. It tells him to turn back for he has other things to accomplish. For Jarem, the voice says to go back and take the passage to the right, which will lead him to great wealth and riches. For Thoradin, the voice reminds him of how much he wants a drink, how he should leave the cave and head to the 12th Bell at once, in order to get a drink. Thoradin, used to the voices in his head telling him to drink, pulls out his waterskin full of ale, and drinks deeply. For Adeya, the voice says that Elara is lost and threatens that if she continues down this path, she will return to the life of servitude her ancestors escaped from. Because of their strength of will, the group continues on with no delay.

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As they walk through the darkness, the cave suddenly opens up into a large room. As the group comes to a stop to decide what to do, Elara’s voice is heard. Thoradin sneaks a peak around the corner and there she is! She sits atop a pile of shiny objects, carefully inspecting them. Behind her, towers a huge tree-like creature with the face of a woman. Off to the side of the room, several humans are on the floor, bound with vines. Throughout the room, Myconids loiter about, as do smaller mushroom people. Thoradin reports to the group, and as they try to decide what to do, Elara continues speaking. It is clear she is speaking to someone, but hers is the only voice that sounds out loud. The group, upon realizing that they each heard a voice in their minds, decides that the tree like creature is speaking with them, in their minds. Elara, it seems, is chatting with the tree creature, whose name is Elazarel. She is trying to summon Belarius, the onyx dragon the group had met earlier in the swamp. Elara is unsure of how she fits into the whole summoning process and isn’t sure she wants to be a part of it. Elazarel is clearly interested in Elara’s necklace, which could possibly the reason behind why Elara is no longer in the feywilds. Elazarel continues to tell Elara that no harm will come to her, but Elara jumps off the pile and runs. To her surprise, the party is waiting just outside the room, still trying to figure out what to do. As she rounds the corner, Thoradin steps out in to the room and puts up his shield, blocking the exit. He stands his ground against the onslaught of Myconids who are chasing Elara. Adeya and Endis step out into the room as well, and the battle begins. Elazarel is rooted to the floor, but is able to shake the very walls of the cave, calling down debris and mushroom minions. Realizing that the bound humans are most likely those they were on a quest to save, Endis steps over to them and slays their guard. In the process, he crits and his weapon becomes a vorpal weapon for a few rounds of battle. Staring at his newly awesome weapon, he glances between the bound humans and Elazarel. On one hand, he has the humans his fellow group members swore to save, and on the other is the creature that pretended to be his God. In a blind rage, he rushes to the tree-like creature and swings his mighty sword. The tree is hardly fazed, and hits him in return with a hefty blow. Endis is knocked unconscious, wondering “Was this a bad idea, maybe?” The remainder of the group is left fighting off the Myconids, with more mushroom minions popping up every second. Adeya finds her spinning kicks come in mighty handy, killing several minions each round. As the group struggles to kill the mushrooms faster than they can spawn, Elara sees a break in the tide and rushes to the bound humans. She defeats a small mushroom standing in her way and cuts the humans free. As she watches Adeya slay a dozen more mushrooms, she realizes they have no choice but to run. Endis manages to regain consciousness, and as he tries to decide if he wants to continue to attack Elazarel or come to the aid of his fellow travelers, Adeya yells “WE HAD A QUEST, JACKASS!”. With that little reminder, Endis jumps off the platform Elazarel is on, killing a mushroom minion in the process, and joins the rest of the group. Elara yells to the humans to follow her and runs out of the room. The rest of the group follows closely behind. As they run down the corridor, the walls begin to shake and roof collapses, knocking both Thoradin and Adeya unconscious. Having had their butts saved by their ass-kicking tanks, the rest of the group digs them out.

Session 1:

This week our recap was written by Kristen, who plays Adeya. She volunteered to write the recap, so I am forcing her to do so for coming games as it allows me more prep time! Thanks to Chris for the tasty pulled pork and chutney. Omnomnomnom. ~Mike

Session 1 Blood and Gumbo Recap
By Kristen Lycett
Day 1 From the upper story of the 12th Bell, comes a Dwarf. His name is Thoradin and he is clad in mail, with a shield upon his back. Glumly, he walks up to the bar, orders a drink and finishes it before he sits down. Another is ordered. Behind him comes a lithe, blonde creature, one that appears to be an Eladrin, dumped from the fey wilds. Her name is Elara and her appearance is fastidiously clean. Upon entering the bar, she smiles at everyone in room. None of the regulars notice, or care, save the bartender, who asks if she’d like a drink. She refuses. Following closely at her heels is an extremely tall, lithe and green female. A Githzerai, by the look of it, clad in a light robe. Her name is Adeya. She settles in beside the glowing Eladrin and says nothing. Behind her follows a human with dark skin. His clothing is fancy, though he appears to be filthy. And drunk. Filthy drunk. His name is Mbuuto and as he settles in at the bar, he orders a drink in a tone that borders on yelling, yet there is no malice in his voice. The barkeep cringes and asks him to quiet down.

Also in the bar, is a brightly dressed bard, named Jarem, who greets everyone in the place by name. As he makes his way to the bar, an elf clad in grey, enters the bar from outside and finds himself a seat in the darkest corner there. The barkeep takes his order, pours the drink and promptly forgets about it. Thoradin, understanding the need for an ale dampened psyche, takes the elf his drink, which also takes him away from the bubbly Elara, who sits at the bar and demands a story from Jarem. He gladly obliges, as he orders a drink. When the story is done, the few fishermen who were listening in, raise their glass to a tale well told, and return to the somber group of locals. Elara, ever in search of sunshine and rainbows, asks the barkeep about himself and the mood of the locals. The barkeep is named Perry and his family, the Proudlights, runs the place. It seems that the dour fisherman are a bit more dour as of late due to the disappearances of townspeople in the swamp nearby. It seems that several people have disappeared in the last few weeks, including the girlfriend of Perry’s cousin. The 12th Bell has put up a reward of 100 gold to whoever finds her, and the other missing people.

In the corner, Thoradin and the grey elf sit in silence, sipping their ale. Upon hearing mention of a reward, Thoradin, who’s bar tab continues to grow exponentially, speaks up for the group and accepts the quest. He then orders another drink, while Elara cautions Perry to cut him off. Thoradin sulks off to his room, where he keeps a hidden stash of booze in his waterskin, and drinks himself into a dreamless stupor. The other adventurers head to bed, in preparation of the next day’s journey into the swamp. The grey elf looks around and then heads to the bar. He asks Perry to notify him when the group leaves the next day, promising gold as payment for the task. Perry agrees to the task and asks the elf his name. “Endis Tir”, is the response, and the elf heads to his room.

Day 2 From the window of his room in the 12th Bell, Endis watches several of the party members head to the store to purchase supplies. From below, he can hear the sounds of Jarem earning his pay and Mbuuto regretting the amount of ale he drank the day before. Eventually, a knock sounds on his door, as Perry announces that the group has left. Endis pays his tab and follows the party down the trail to the swamp.

As the party wanders down the trail, they notice someone is following them. They stop and turn and their follower stops too. Thoradin, who is too morose to be frightened, motions to the figure to join them. When that doesn’t work, he yells at the man “Come here!”. Endis obliges. When questioned, he simply says he was on the way to the next town, and that there is only one path. The group urges him on ahead of them and both groups continue on their way.

Eventually, the path swings wide, around the swamp. Endis continues down the road, while the adventurers blaze right on in, with Thoradin leading the way. After hacking and wading their way through the swamp for several hours, they come into a clearing. Thoradin attempts to check for stable ground in the clearing and falls neck deep into the thick, noxious mud. The others use a rope to pull him out, as he puts up no struggle to free himself. Once free of the muck, they notice that the trees themselves seem to avoid the muck, as even the branches of the trees that ring the clearing do not grow over the mud. The group attempts to walk around the clearing, following the tree line, but before they get too far, they hear an unnatural croaking. Elara turns around and glares through the fog, at what appears to be a humanoid frog-like creature. She can only see the one creature, but the entire party can hear more croaking in the fog beyond. As Elara glares at the creature she sees, his genitals implode upon themselves with a pop! The creature attempts to hold its intestines in place as it falls over, shudders and dies. Upon closer inspection, the creatures are bullywugs, a hateful race more primitive than civilized. The party follows the trees back and come upon Endis, who is surrounded by these frog creatures. A battle ensues, with Adeya kicking the head off one creature in a burst of strength she didn’t know she had. When all are dead, save for one, it attempts to run away into the muck. Elara ports after it and tackles it into the mud. The two are then hauled from the mud and the bullywug is tied up and interrogated. Endis is also interrogated, as it is quite clear that he had followed the group into the swamp. He explains that he has followed the group because he dreamt about them. The entire group is creeped out, save for Elara, who is on the verge of a mental breakdown as she is no longer clean, but covered in foul smelling muck.

It is determined that the bullywugs are responsible for the disappearances of the humans, and the captive is forced to lead the group to his village. After following for several hours, the group is lead to an area where there is a large reptilian footprint. Knowing that the bullywug has led the astray, they kill him and continue anyway. From above the tree line, a large, black head appears. The bullywug led them to the lair of an onyx dragon. After an initial offering of the dead bullywug, the dragon agrees to spare their lives if they bring him more dead bullywugs to eat, as they taste like salty chicken, which the dragon quite likes. The group returns to the scene of their earlier battle and Thoradin, being the pack mule he is, drags the bodies to the dragon’s lair. The night is spent there, with Elara attempting to ‘spruce up’ the bone piles with flowers and feng shui.

Day 3 The dragon draws a map of the swamp for the group, so that they can find the home of the bullywugs and bring him more snackies. The map also shows a large area in the center of the swamp that the dragon warns against. He says the often, people from the village go there to pick mushrooms, but it’s not a place he recommends. Elara is reminded of the mushroom people from the feywilds, and the group realizes it may not be the bullywugs who are responsible for the disappearances of the townspeople. Mbuuto has already left the party and is heading straight for the center of the swamp. The rest of the party decides to follow. Not surprisingly, they come upon three mushroom people and prepare for battle. One poor mushroom is kicked to the ground by Adeya, where she pushes it around a bit. Thoradin, finally seeing something shorter than he his, kicks the mushroom while it’s down. In a blind rage, the mushroom man lashes out at Elara. Too bad it was marked to Thoradin. With a triumphant roar, Thoradin screams “That’s fantastic! I get to hit you for being so stupid!”. Mbuuto, who manages to hit an enemy once, maybe twice the entire night, continues to be useless, with tears of laugher streaming down his face. Eventually the mushrooms are defeated and the players retire for the evening.

This week: Dragon snacks? Frog legs? Mushroom kingdom? Chicken Enchiladas Couple Cook-off!!


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